About Us

I spent most of my life taking good eyesight for granted. When I was lifeguarding as a teenager or playing professional ultimate frisbee in college, I usually wore sunglasses for style more than protection. I wasn’t thinking about UV rays or the damage that the sun can do to your eyes.


It wasn’t until years later that my cofounder Jonathan told me about the 285 million people in the world who suffer from treatable vision impairments. In fact over half of global blindness is caused by cataracts, a condition that can be reversed with a 30 minute procedure.


We teamed up with SEE International to do something about this - to bring sight to people who were needlessly blind. To let them go back to work, go back to school, to see their family’s faces again. We formed a new kind of company; a for-purpose enterprise with giving back at our core.


Today Waveborn has grown beyond our wildest dreams. We’re part of a new class of consumer brands: brands that give back, brands that care. So far we’ve funded thousands of life-changing surgeries, and we’re just getting started. Join us. And change how you see the world.


Find the Sun,

Mike and the Waveborn Team