Waveborn Sunglasses

Waveborn offers the highest quality in lens and sunglass frames. Our shades not only look great, they feel great too. Our handcrafted Italian frames are lightweight and comfortable yet still provide sturdy durability. Our lenses protect your eyes without compromising on clarity. Try a pair yourself - the difference is clear.

Waveborn CEO Mike Malloy with our Italian designer Steffi and James from Zeiss Lenses.

Clear and Protective Lenses

Top quality lenses by Carl Zeiss Optics, a leading lens company and optics contractor for NASA telescopes.

  • All Waveborn lenses offer UV-400 protection
  • Polycarbonite material allows for lighter/thinner profile
  • Lenses can be tinted and mirrored for many styles
  • Scratch resistance and anti-reflective coatings available
  • Optional polarized lenses to reduce glare

Strong and Lightweight Frames

Waveborn frames are handcrafted in Milan, Italy.

  • Manufactured in the fashion capital of the world
  • Durable, strong, and lightweight material
  • A variety of models with dozens of styles
  • Eye-popping colors and tints
  • Rubber matted finish on some models
  • All frames compatible with prescription lenses

Waveborn durability testing: