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Our primary focus at Waveborn is selling as many pairs of sunglasses as possible. The more we sell, the more we can give back to Unite for Sight and SEE International. The more people with Waveborns on their face, the faster the Waveborn movement can spread. We love delivering our shades directly to individual customers, but for our company to scale at the exponential rate we want, we need to focus on fulfilling large wholesale orders.

We have a variety of different wholesale options available to online retailers, retail stores, mobile salesforce, business partners, colleges, fraternities/sororities, sports teams, and other Waveborn aficionados. Here are some of the base rates we offer for wholesale orders:

6 pairs for $400 (save $110, $67/pair)

12 pairs for $720 (save $300, $60/pair)

25 pairs for $1,450 (save $625, $58/pair)

50 pairs for $2,750 (save $1,500, $55/pair)

100 pairs for $5,000 (save $3,500, $50/pair)

1,000 pairs for $45,000 (save $40,000, $45/pair)

10,000 pairs for $420,000 (save $430,000, $42/pair)

The numbers above are all based on ordering shades with UV lenses from inventory. Our designer in Italy can make custom designed sunglasses using any model, in any color, with any type of polarized or UV lenses. Whatever you can imagine, we can create. Email Sales @ Waveborn to place a wholesale or custom order.

We're always looking for stores to show off the Waveborn brand. This way, customers can get a great pair of shades (even try them on!) and make an impact.