The Waveborn Blog Buy some shades, give some glasses. Wed, 16 Nov 2011 09:00:00 -0800 3 Great Reasons to Rock Waveborn Shades in the Winter
When we think about sunglasses, we conjure up images of sunny skies and sandy beaches.  While summer is definitely the most popular time to rock shades, optometrists report that sunglasses are a daily requirement.  No ifs, ands, or buts.

Just because the sun might be hiding doesn’t mean you are more protected.  Winter sun sits lower in the sky at a different angle, and as a result can emit   even stronger rays.  Combine this lower sun with the glare and mirror effect of snow, and you’ve got yourself a potentially harmful situation. This can cause snow blindness--which anyone who has ever driven in winter can tell you about.

 Winter rays are just as strong--and dangerous--as summer rays.  In addition to reducing glare and protecting against UV exposure, sunglasses in winter months also reduce dryness, squinting, and general discomfort.  
To sum it up, here are three great reasons to rock Waveborn shades in the winter months:
1.  Reduce glare and protect against harmful UV rays-- 365 days of the year
2.  Protect against wind, dryness, dust, and other irritating debris 
3.  Good karma! By purchasing a pair of Waveborn shades, you can reduce eye problems for yourself and another person through a donation of prescription glasses

So make sure to protect your eyes this winter with a pair of Waveborn shades!

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