Updates on waveborn.com

Working on a website means constant changes and updates. As waveborn progresses we are trying to add more features to attract customers and engage them in the mission and product. Making the best website to promote our sweet Waveborn shades means input from everyone. If anyone has suggestions on how to improve the site (http://www.waveborn.com) feel free to email Mike at mikef@waveborn.com

Here are a few of the improvements and features that have been added so far.

  1. Created a new home page with new photos and transitions www.waveborn.com.
  2. Rearranged the Shades product pages to have the description, add to cart, and links to the other Waveborn shades to the right of the pictures of the shades.
  3. Compressed many of the pictures to improve load time.
  4. Created a consistent left menu for the subpages under main links.
  5. Added Pinterest links across the site.
  6. Changed the URL of the blog to blog.waveborn.com for consisency and better SEO.

Here are a few of the current tasks for waveborn.com

  1. Create a Lookbook. This will show various people showing off Waveborn shades.  There will be numerous themed galleries like "Waveborn around the World", "Ski with WBZ", "Unite for Site".  If anyone has a pic of themselves wearing the shades email photos@waveborn.com.
  2. Continue to improve SEO by creating a consistent color scheme, improving meta keywords and descriptions, increasing the amount of text on the site, etc.
  3. Thoughts or suggestions? Email me at mikef@waveborn.com.





Buy some shades. Give some glasses.

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