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Give the Gift of Sight

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Give the Gift of Sight

The World Health Organization reports that 158 million people around the world suffer from vision impairment resulting from an uncorrected refractive error. What does that mean exactly? They need glasses. Or contact lenses. Or surgery.

They just need a little help to see the blackboard in school, or what’s on the assembly line at work. All they need is a simple pair of eyeglasses to kick a soccer ball better or play with their kids at night. Shouldn’t it be easy to give glasses to these people that really need them?

Unite For Sight

We’ve partnered with two amazing organizations, Unite For Sight and SEE International, to help give sight to those in need.

Unite for Sight works with local eye clinics, helping people in underserved communities. UFS supports the local doctors that care for patients living in extreme poverty. The eye care services they provide are comprehensive, and include examinations, diagnoses, and care for all treatable conditions. On a daily basis, the eye clinic’s ophthalmic staff travels to remote villages and provides exams, diagnoses, medication, and eyeglasses.

Surgical Eye Expedition (SEE) International provides sustainable medical, surgical, and educational services through volunteer ophthalmic surgeons with the objectives of restoring sight and preventing blindness to disadvantaged individuals worldwide.

When you purchase a pair of Waveborn shades, we’re able to donate a pair of new eyeglasses to these local eye clinics or contribute to a sight-restoring surgery. Seeing the blackboard never seemed so easy.