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6 Pair Counter Top Display + Mirror

Ready to ship with Waveborn's spring collection

Product Description

Counter Top Metallic Eyewear Display

This is the perfect way to display your Waveborns next to the checkout to encourage impulse buying. The display comes with a mirror on top to increase new customer acquisition. Every new Waveborn customer loves to check themselves out in the mirror before selecting their favorite Waveborn shades. It always helps to have a sales associate compliment the customer on how attractive he/she looks in Waveborns. Stores with multiple counter top displays experience much faster sell through rates.

Purchase with Impact

Waveborn is a for-purpose company with a mission to Change How People See The World. We donate a portion of all profits to fund sight-restoring surgeries around the world.

Learn More About Our Social Mission

Purchase with Peace of Mind

All Waveborn sunglasses come with a FULL one year replacement warranty that covers not only breaks, but lost and stolen too! When you purchase a new pair of Waveborns, you are investing in a quality product that is built to last.

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