Waveborn Company Values

Giving Back Responsibly

Waveborn truly believes that doing good and running a successful business are not mutually exclusive goals. We ensure that we give back responsibly by partnering with established non-profit organizations who empower individuals and communities by giving the gift of sight. Additionally, we always seek to make sound financial decisions to provide a stable environment for our team and, more importantly, so that we can continue to impact as many individuals as possible in the global eye care community.

Dedicate Yourself

Waveborn has wholeheartedly dedicated to its mission of global impact, as have Waveborn employees. We are committed to hustling hard to accomplish our goals, and we adhere strongly to the principles of discipline, humility, and accountability so that we can perform at the highest level.

Surprise & Delight

Waveborn is devoted to serving both its customers and its employees to the utmost of our ability. We strive to take every opportunity to pleasantly surprise our teammates and our customers by exceeding expectations rather than simply meeting them. Waveborn’s full one year warranty is designed to surprise and delight our customers with a new pair of sunglasses for free when something bad happens.


Waveborn believes that with hard work and discipline, anything is possible. We are always aiming to “find the sun” in any negative situation. We accept failures as learning opportunities, and believe that the outcome of any event is 20% due to the actual circumstances and 80% due to how we react to those circumstances.

Connect with the World

Waveborn team members are people who value strong connections to others. We seek to connect with our teammates, with our customers, and with communities worldwide to build meaningful relationships. We value diversity and equality, and we believe a strong community is essential to making effective change.

Always Be Learning

Waveborn and its community believe in a lifelong journey of learning. We encourage an active, adventurous lifestyle, so we can stretch outside our comfort zones to learn more and push ourselves to new levels of growth.