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Can you change them back to the faded blue color going down with each rule?

When I click each of them, I get the popup security warning (see attached). Is there a way to prevent people from getting those warnings? Those warnings are not generated by the pdf, but by the browser and/or the reader. In Acrobat go to Edit>Preferences>Trust Manager to change the default setting. I've tried using different software to open the pdf: in one program I got the same warning you did, in a different program I didn't get any warnings. Yes this is dumb, but there's nothing we can do from our end.

Twitter link works and says "@waveborn Thanks for sharing @mwmalloy new book "Becoming So Good They Can't Ignore You" just need to include link to:
that will be home location that will have a redirect to download site if needed.
FB "Download the free eBook "Becoming So Good They Can't Ignore You" for a chance to win a FREE pair of Waveborn sunglasses: [link]"
LinkedIn "Download the free eBook "Becoming So Good They Can't Ignore You" for a chance to win a FREE pair of Waveborn sunglasses: [link]"
Google+: "Download the free eBook "Becoming So Good They Can't Ignore You" for a chance to win a FREE pair of Waveborn sunglasses: [link]"
Spent a while trying to figure these out. I can't guarantee that the custom message will appear, but at least the link can be shared.

for the g+ logo, check out this link and scroll down for round social media icons:

add a space between -name for quotes "- Jackie Floyd"

"Remember you are SUPER!!"
- Tom Malloy

"Great stuff. I think your age, experiences, and what you are talking about highlight your youthful zeal. I love watching/learning and being even a periphery participant in all of this."
- Rob Luhrs

"I like the organization and hyperlinking texts and videos and other forms of media. I also like how you bolded key points and text that show your emphasis on the topic. Can't wait for the final product!"
- Josh Tsung

"Fantastic content, and I like how well you work ultimate into it."
- Kevin Porter

Tom Malloy
(second page)

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update cal newport link to not have https and just http...currently it doesn't load

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Remove box around CBS Radio Boston link

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Remove box around link
You should be able to download this photo later today when Kevin provides the code. the subdirectory on the website is:
Home»Ultimate Frisbee Photos»College Tourneys»USAU College Series»2012 Conference Championships»2012 Colonial D-I Open Conf Championships»Sunday Playoffs -- 2012 Colonial D-I Open CC»Sunday Finals Preview -- 2012 Colonial D-I Open CC
It's the first photo of me toe-ing the line. let me know if you have issues.

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Fix "ultimate" link because contains https not http
note: all wiki links should be http://wiki.waveborn.com/...

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fix border around link
if you are having issues with the photo links, I will just download them and add them to dropbox later today for you to include

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Fix "ultimate" link because contains https not http

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fix "advice" link to remove https

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tentatively remove this photo and just text on this page
I can't believe one of my college teammates is asking me to pay $350...
can you put the Leo GW layout photo here

Page 29)
call out quote needs an ' at the end inside of the " to close the self question ...that matters?'" Quote deleted.

Page 30)
change first sentence to say:
My second startup, PunchRock, is DC’s community for growing social entrepreneurship through collaboration, education, and technical innovation. We provide an environment for people to create that dream project and build it into a sustainable business over the course of a few months or years.
note: I changed the link to blog.punchrockdc.com

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also, I want to add back in the FCS layout montage somewhere. if you can find a place that it fits, go for it. caption:
"Almost as good as this layout." (centered) Got it.
See attached at the bottom. photo is also on the dropbox.

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updated each link to change https to http

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move this up between control traps 1 and 2 (page 30.5)
change title to say "...First Control Trap?"

Page 42)
caption (centered) "My life's purpose"

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fix line spacing on the intro part to be the standard spacing from the rest of the book (1.5 lines?)
fix link to waveborn wiki to remove https to http
same for firefly link
brand ambassador link is ok
formatting looks great!

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The text is too squished together to read, especially on line 4 and 5
remove the call out quote to give more room for regular text
photo looks perfect in the bottom right location

Each one should be a link to that page but not display the number
If it is tabbed over then it should be indented
note: double check the page numbers that you link to in case things get slightly moved around
it is okay if the TOC takes up two pages, just make the spacing even and spread out
Introduction [link: 1]
Rule 1: Don't Follow Your Passion [link: 4]
    The Passion of Steve Jobs [5]
    Passion is Rare [6]
Rule 2: Be So Good They Can't Ignore You [9]
    Craftsman Mindset vs. Passion Mindset [10]
    The Career Capital Theory of Great Work [13]
    Becoming a Career Capitalist [16]
    Becoming a Craftsman [18]
    The 10,000 Hour Rule [19]
    Five Steps to Adopting the Craftsman Mindset [20]
        note: update the title on those pages to have "to" be lowercase instead of "To"
Rule 3: Turn Down a Promotion [27]
    The First Control Trap [29]
    The Second Control Trap [31]
    Avoiding Control Traps [36]
    The Law of Financial Viability [38]
Rule 4: Think Small, Act Big [41]
    Your Unifying Mission and Meaningful Life [42]
    My Definition of "Work" [43]
        note: update title to have " two quotes instead of single quotes
    Missions Require Capital [46]
    Missions Require Little Bets [48]
    Missions Require Marketing [51]
Conclusion [54]
Appendix: Online Resources [56]
About the Author [57]
    note: update the title to be "About the Author" instead of Mike Malloy

remove this section

About the Author)
update title
change last paragraph to say:
"He is currently living the dream and could not be happier with the way things are going. Malloy just wrapped up a month long adventure to CA because he can now go anywhere in the world where it is sunny and call it a “business trip.” When not traveling, Malloy spends most of his time in DC at the PunchRock office."

updated text and bolded to let you know how important things are to emphasize
some lines are hard to follow because of where the text goes...make it easier to follow the flow
check out the holstee one and notice how full thoughts run across each line...your format has thoughts on one half of the page and multiple lines...hard to follow (e.g., career capital/skills part on sixth line)
use a font that is much bolder and will fill up the whitespace with black text
some of the lines have a lot of space between letters because of full alignment. not sure how to fix that. maybe make the size larger but more condensed to remove white space

Don't follow your passion. Adopt the Craftsman Mindset. Focus on deliberate practice. Define your comfort zone. Stretch [I like how the text was stretched] outside of it. Earn career capital. Get rare and valuable skills. Get control. Turn down a promotion. Follow the law of financial viability. Define your compelling mission. Define your life's work. Place a little bet. Analyze the results. Tweak. Pivot. Create a new hypothesis. Repeat. Throw ten things at the wall. See what three stick. [don't emphasize three] Focus on them. Fail small. Fail big. [do what you did with font size for small/big...I removed that part]. Fail often. Learn from failure. Grow. Play nice. Share. Be remarkable. [be remarkable should be on the right side on the second to last line] Be so good they can't ignore you.

I like the blue for the last line

The primary theme of this book is to teach you how to find work you love. To find work you love, you must ignore Steve Jobs' advice to "follow your passion." Career passions are rare and take time to develop. Instead, you must adopt the Craftsman Mindset and focus on deliberate practice and stretching your abilities outside of your comfort zone. By doing so, you will earn more career capital to invest in the rare and valuable traits that define great work.

Control is one of the most important traits that define great work. It is a dream job elixir that increases your sense of fulfillment, engagement, and happiness. However, control can be dangerous. The first control trap occurs when you have not earned enough career capital to sustain your desired level of control. The second control trap occurs when you have enough career capital to take control of your working life, but your current employer does not want to give you control. To avoid these control traps, you must follow the law of financial viability and pursue new ventures that people will pay for.

To find work you love, you need to define a clear and compelling mission for your "work." Missions, similar to control, require career capital and the patience of the Craftsman Mindset. Your quest to achieve your mission will require little bets, small hypotheses with rapid and frequent feedback to learn which direction(s) to follow. These little bets teach you to accept failure as a necessary part of the learning process when stretching outside your comfort zone. To be successful, you must inspire people to remark about your work and give them a platform to communicate with the larger community. I encourage you to share this book with others who want to find work they love.

Appendix: Online Resources)
note: make sure all the links have the source "http://wiki.waveborn.com/..."
should all fit on one page however you can format it to look pretty

The Appendix section contains links to lots of useful information on the Waveborn Wiki:

Waveborn Wiki
Brand Ambassador Program
Skim Sessions
    Resume Recommendations
    Popular Blogs
    Smart People
    Good Books
    500 Business Books

My Publications
My Background
    Boston College

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