Brand Ambassador Tips

Reach out to students who are campus reps for other companies (i.e., Red Bull)
Ask them for recommendation of friends/roommates/teammates who are interested in a similar role at another company
Want to find students who are "opinion leaders" on campus
Word of mouth marketing is central theme to our BA program
Social chairs of student groups (greek life, club sports, professional development, volunteering, campus ministry, etc.)
BAs should also be on the look out to develop relationships with well connected individuals/groups on campus
Need to have a secure portal on the wiki where only BAs and core team can access
Need to create an area that contains all of our resources and planning for BA program to share with other companies
From a security access standpoint, BAs can also be employees at other companies who want to partner together on various events and showcase our past event sponsorships, planning templates, recaps, and lessons learned
One of the first steps in relationship development is granting them access to the secure BA portal

BAs are responseible for 5 "activations" each week
An activation is any event or activity that promotes the brand in your community
This can be as simple as taking a picture of your waveborn shades on a statue around campus
This can be as big as sponsoring a large on campus event (formal, DJ party, fundraiser, sporting event/tournament, etc)
Pictures and videos of waveborn-related activities should be uploaded to Dropbox, posted to social media (facebook, twitter, pintrest, instagram, etc), and links to the social media posts included in activation reports

Reporting structure
TODO: Need to create templates for pre-planning events and post-event recaps
TODO: Make these templates for ultimate tournaments too
Getting BAs to fill out these templates and post on the wiki allows virtual managers to track their progress
BAs will post the report on a subpage of the Activations Page (TODO: add link) and include a link on their BA page
TODO: Create BA portal (strict access control) and BA profile pages

Activation Report Template
Contact Info:
Activation Description:
Dropbox Link(s):
Social Media Network(s) Activated:
Social Media Link(s):

Example Activation Report
Name: Mike Malloy
Contact Info: Mike Malloy <>
Location: Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, CA
Date: 1/15/13
Activation Description: Placed Waveborn shades on the hood of an eco-friendly car that was charging
Dropbox Link(s): TODO: Malloy to upload to Dropbox and include link to folder here
Social Media Network(s) Activated: Facebook
Social Media Link(s):