Q: Do you have promotional materials, investor decks, or any other informational material about the brand so I can familiarize myself more with it?
All promo materials and one pagers that we have used for marketing and previous events can be found on the Dropbox. Email Malloy if you need access to the Dropbox. We encourage you to browse the entire directory of files to see everything we already have. For this content, the best places to start are:
Dropbox\Waveborn\Brand Ambassadors
Dropbox\Waveborn\Business Development Materials
Dropbox\Waveborn\Photos\All Photos

Q: Are the sunglasses unisex?
Yes, we currently offer one style in four colors (bold black, clear gray, dark tort, and pacific blue).

Q: Can brand ambassadors buy products at wholesale prices?
Of course - the biggest perk of being a Waveborn brand ambassador is that you have access to wholesale deals on our entire inventory!

Q: Do you lose money on the $2 shipping?
Our standard shipment with the sunglasses, case, and tube weighs 4 oz, which costs $1.81 to ship. We recently added hats and fanny packs to our shop, and we are still figuring out how much it will cost to ship various combo orders. We charge $2/item to ship which ensures that we aren't losing any money on shipping, but we also aren't charging the customer an arm and a leg.

Q: Are you open to changes in the actual website layout and functionality?
Absolutely!! We would L-O-V-E to hear your thoughts on ways that we can improve our website. The current website was designed last summer when the website was launched. We've added a few new features and photos over the past year, but we are also looking for creative ways to spruce up the site and attract new visitors. Email Mike Forgit with any recommendations on ways to improve the site.

Q: Who runs our social media? How can I get involved?
Last school year, we had a couple interns who focused on building our brand through social media marketing. Right now, Malloy and Mueth post content to facebook occasionally, but the rest of our social media outlets are pretty much dead. We are in desperate need of more brand ambassadors to develop social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, YouTube, and any other social media sites that you think will connect us with potential customers and drive more traffic to our site. Email Malloy if you are interested in getting more involved, and he can give you access to the accounts. We encourage brand ambassadors to share anything with our audience that you think aligns with the Waveborn brand and mission. Creativity is highly encouraged!  We have lots of resources to teach you about social media marketing to teach you different techniques for creating and sharing the best content:
Dropbox\Waveborn\Social Media Guides

Q: What do I have to do to get my very own @waveborn.com email address?
Just ask!  We are happy to setup email accounts for any brand ambassadors who want to take the initiative to reach out to other companies, retail stores, and websites on behalf of Waveborn.  Not to mention, it's pretty cool to have an official email address with your very own social good sunglasses company.  Email Malloy to get your email account setup today.