I have learned a tremendous amount about entrepreneurship over the past couple years working with Waveborn and PunchRock, and I want to share my knowledge with anyone and everyone who is interested in following a similar path. The library of resources below will provide a great foundation of entrepreneurial knowledge to assist you in starting your own business and designing your ideal lifestyle. I started this site on July 5, 2012 and began posting skim sessions every day to keep a journal of my adventures as a "pro frisbee player who travels the world selling sunglasses and helping people."

I subscribe to a number of popular blogs, and I have saved all the links from the past 3+ months to share them with you.  Click here to check out the popular blogs.

I read a lot of books on my kindle about various topics including business, leadership, word of mouth marketing, building your personal brand, how to run online businesses, writing, art, and other topics. Check out my list of good books for you to read.

Blog post + Book = eBook! And I have a whole library of free ones that I have downloaded to share with you. You can download any eBook for free, and I encourage you to share them with others.

Great blog posts and books are usually written by very smart people. Thus, I have a section on the wiki dedicated to smart people who can teach you a great deal.

I find that motivational quotes can go a long way to inspire people to keep working hard to achieve their dreams. It is also much easier to sound smart (or like an expert on a topic) when you are quoting someone else who is already an expert.  Browse the quote section for some of my favorite quotes. I add new ones to the list every week.

A lot of folks are always looking for tips on how to improve their resume to land their next job. My page on resume recommendations includes lots of advice based on my experience recruiting, reviewing resumes, and hiring new team members.