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Word of Mouth Marketing and the Importance of Storytelling

Notes from call on July 1st with Sarah Hay:

300 registrants is goal
need to start marketing in the fall
age 23-40 primarily
post on social media to get others to join (don't need to be gtown)

have a description typed up by end of sept.
...why this subject is so important intro
you need to get your personal messaging down

In this session, you will learn how to:

bullet points, what do you seek to accomplish, what will they get out of it, brief bio
plug waveborn wherever you want
follow up email afterward with link to the website

poll questions can be added if we want

powerpoint with 15 slides
colorful and pictures

40-45 minutes of content
Sarah will facilitate the Q&A

Message from Sarah:

As you craft your description, take a look at the presentations below. In no particular order, I have provided links to some of the webinars where I think the speakers did a great job engaging the audience and putting together an eye catching powerpoint (as much as one can when it comes to powerpoint decks...).

I hope this is helpful, but please feel free to push me for more information if you find yourself stuck in writing the description.

Kate Ebner (frequent presenter),
Talane Miedaner (frequent presenter),
Jason Levin, and
Ben Sands,
Devon George,
David Kaiser,
Aasil Ahmad,
John Keyser (frequent presenter),