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setting up shop at arenas cafe where they have functioning internet. hopefully it will be a very productive day!

listening to the firefly playlist for the entire day (click play at the bottom of the page). someone should make a playlist on spotify of all the songs that each artist played during their set. I will look into this later today.
(hustle. every day.)

just signed up for Timehop. will see how it goes and keep you posted.
(how often do fans go to a company's online store)
(a different kind of school)
(do big things. firefly was the biggest thing I've ever done, and I crushed it. now I know I can do things that big whenever I want to, and I have the confidence and experience to attempt even bigger things moving forward.)
(that was a big thing)
(tips for creating killer content. note: some of the links on here are to things that people ask you to pay for. I don't ever actually pay for any of these courses unless explicitly stated. I'm not trying to sell you something or sell you someone else's something. I learn enough from the description of the course, which I am sharing here. if it really appeals to you, then by all means buy the full course and let us know what you learned from it by posting in the comments section.)

Firefly Music Festival

It was a once in a lifetime experience.  Check out the full piece under contact info.

[Firefly] Cake - Bound Away
[Firefly] Girl Talk - Rack City
[Firefly] Girl Talk - Keep It Going
[Firefly] Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On
[Firefly] The Killers - All These Things That I've Done
(notes from the universe emailed to you every morning. pretty great way to start the day.)

Filler Posts
(waveborn needs to get on these me if you are interested in taking the lead)
(this is exactly what I am doing with Firefly Music Festival and all the videos and pictures I took, as well as knowledge and insight I gained around the connected systems working together at the festival)

longest skim session yet. it feels good to have internet again.