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“One day can change your life. One day can ruin your life. All life is is three or four big days that change everything.”
- Beverly Donofrio


Day 1. This is going to be a big day. Below are random bits of text from throughout the day.

If I give you full access to the campaign, do you want to look around and see all the stuff we can do with indiegogo? I don't know what your schedule is like for the next 45 days, but I'm sure there's going to be a lot going to process and fulfill all the orders, etc. if you want to get involved.

Also, I closed a deal with East of Maui in Dewey Beach yesterday for a couple dozen pairs and fanny packs. We will officially be in Dewey all summer which will mean you will have to come check at it out at least once. Or we can just go visit the stores in OC that Berkleigh is getting us into - met with 7 shops together there last week.

Like sunglasses? Like saving the world? Check out @Waveborn @Indiegogo campaign launch today! #findthesun

Help out my friends at Waveborn, makes great-looking and affordable Italian sunglasses that have a major social impact. For every pair of shades sold, Waveborn donates a pair of prescription eyeglasses or funds part of a sight-restoring cataract surgery for a person in need through their nonprofit partners, Unite for Sight and Surgical Eye Expeditions (SEE) International.

Great shades. Great cause. Great dude behind it. I'm backing this for sure.

I rarely ever post asking for people to give to charity. But the simple fact that you are able to read what I'm writing is a testament to the sense of Sight that many of us take for granted. A For-Profit company, Waveborn sells stylish Italian sunglasses without the designer cost. In addition, for EVERY pair of sunglasses sold, they help a person in need by either 1. providing a new pair of prescription eyeglasses through their nonprofit partner Unite for Sight or 2. fund a portion of a vision-restoring cataract surgery though their nonprofit partner Surgical Eye Expeditions (SEE) International.

If your links are not showing pics then run the link through Facebook's debugger. It worked for me and now thumbnails are showing up on fb posts.

How to setup
Login -> Tools -> 301 redirect -> Add Redirect... Fill in info using Manual Link.

I get the glare thing regarding polarized lenses but do they also provide UV protection as well? Also, if I buy the polarized now, can I wait to pick the glasses when all styles are out, or is it Zumas only?
(Jon Sage fb message)

Do we get to choose our shades? I already bought the Black Bold Marina and Dark Tortoise Marina. I was hoping to get the Pacific Blue Marina. I’m a big fan of Waveborn.
(Uriel Casas comment)
You do get to choose your shades. We’ll be sending order request surveys to our backers in the coming weeks to get your model preference. We hope to have all models available for our backers, including the pacific blues (my personal favorites and daily go-to shades).

How/when do we select the shades we want?

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