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"Systems beat genius every time."
- Steve Hyman

Yesterday I had a three hour meeting with my business coach, Steve Hyman. We meet once a month for 2-3 hours and discuss a wide variety of topics about business and life. I always come out of these meetings with a fresh perspective on the business and some great ideas about what we need to do to continue to drive the business forward.

"No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship."

Create a system that allows team members to work when they want to work. It is important that we are understanding of other folks schedules and work/life commitments. Scheduling projects out in advance a few days before you know a team member will be available to commit time to the project is a good strategy. Since Waveborn is a "side hustle" for the majority of our team members, we must be flexible with their schedule, but still set clear expectations about when work must be completed by. Promotions within the company are decided based on reaching and exceeding sales goals.

We should focus on the beach market and the boatyard market. At the beach, we can follow the scopes business model to get attractive people to walk up and down the beach selling shades as a portable retail store. These distributors can get exclusive access to specific blocks (e.g., 1st to 20th st in OC) on the beach. Sending out beautiful women in teams of 2 will be the most successful method. We should start with OC up to NJ beaches as pilot programs.

Now we need to recruit/interview/hire/train lots of beautiful women to sell Waveborn sunglasses.

TODO: Berkleigh (OC Sales Rep) needs to do research about the scopes model

One of the key takeaways from our conversation was that I don't want to be responsible for implementing these new sales/distribution programs. And in general, I actually hate the implementation stage of projects. My mind is constantly thinking about new, creative, and innovative ideas, but it gets easily bogged down by the implementation stage of putting these ideas into action. It is important that I surround myself with as many "doers" as possible who can take my ideas and run with them by adding in their own creative touches and seeing the project through until completion.

I need to be working ON my business, not IN my business. This is key to the company's growth.

We need to find people who are so enthusiastic that they will be available online 16+ hours/day because I only want to be online for 2-3 hours a day. We need to find 50 other Mike Malloys in each state who can be responsible and accountable for running things in their territory while approaching the business with enthusiasm and vigor.


When will the shades be delivered? (though you make that pretty obvious in the perks)
Are they durable? (If you want to repost the video)
Is there a warranty?
Are the glasses available in retail stores?
What percentage of donations go to charities?
Is there a charge for international shipping?

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