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"The past is behind, learn from it.
The future is ahead, prepare for it.
The present is here, live it."
- Thomas S Monson


Preakness this weekend was epic. Med Men practice on Sunday was a great 4 hour session with lots of young guns. I picked up a couple more mini fridges or the summer and straightened up the house. I also read the article below and enjoyed it so much that I wanted to type up notes to share. Enjoy!

Here are some various notes from emails about onboarding that should be incorporated into training/onboarding materials for new hires.

We are in the process of trying to recruit/hire/train/onboard 100 new employees over the next month as waveborn is seeing exponential growth. I do not have the skill set or time in the day to handle all of these new people, and we have not yet put into place systems to handle this massive growth. We hired Rob to be our head of HR to help with this process - we encourage you to email him at to learn more about company culture and set realistic expectations for timelines for your work projects.


In order to track the sales that come into the campaign through you, we needed you to get a custom Indiegogo link as explained in the above link. Along with the "get 5 friends to sign up and you get a free pair," we can also afford to pay people who work for us 5% of the revenue they bring into the company (or offer 10% in store credit).

Waveborn Culture:
Culture has been the hottest topic of conversation over the past week as we have started interviewing/recruiting new team members. Defining our company culture is imperative. Waveborn is not in the business of paying employees a salary or hourly rate. We can pay our staff a commission based on their sales. We are in the business of teaching entrepreneurship and fostering a learning and supportive environment where people can come to build their skills in new areas and acquire more career capital that they can leverage to advance their career in new directions. We are not hiring full-time employees who need to make 5 figures with health benefits. We are recruiting hard working individuals who want to have a side hustle to bring in supplemental income this summer. Below, I will outline my vision for our summer staff:

We want to hire 100 brand ambassadors to commit to work 10+ hrs/week for the summer.
Each new hire will go through a rigorous phone interview process with at least 2 existing team members (Rob, Steve, Quazi, Malloy, etc)
If a new team member cannot commit 10 hours/week, then we do not want to bring them onboard (waste of time for training and past experience says they will flake out eventually because not committed)
For these 10 hours/week of work, we can offer the following:

Job experience
Resume building (what 5 bullet points that begin with strong action verbs do you want to put on your resume in 3 months? that's what we will have you work on for the summer.)
Letters of recommendation (study abroad programs, summer internships, first full-time job, grad school, next job, etc)
Portfolio building (graphic design)
Startup environment focused on teaching entrepreneurship
Learning environment where you are encouraged to spend time (part of your 10 hrs/week) reading and researching your desired fields of interest
Teaching environment where "experts" in various fields are encouraged to give presentations/training sessions to other team members (e.g., heidi giving a 30 min webinar on how to create an event flyer in photoshop where the target audience is college students working on waveborn design projects to build their portfolios)
All compensation will be dictated on a sales commission basis (we don't have money to pay people unless those people are bringing money into the company, in which case, they will get a percentage. the default is 5%)
Promotions within the company will be decided based on ability to meet and exceed sales goals and ability to manage other team members

We hope this provides insight into the value Waveborn believes it can offer to its summer staff.

Fast Company - 100 Most Creative People in Business:

There was a great article in this month's edition of Fast Company entitled The 100 Most Creative People in Business. I took notes from the ideas discussed in the article to see what we can implement here at Waveborn.

1) Big Data is king. The future of business will be dictated by our ability to take unstructured data and put it into different formats that can be analyzed to predict and influence future decisions.

2) Traveling the world will help you to come up with creative solutions to some of the most complex problems. You need to see things from others perspectives. Diversity (race/gender/background/etc) helps bring different viewpoints to the table.

6) You should always ask "why don't you do this?" Usually there is an answer, but 1 in 10 there isn't. Then you write down the idea in a notebook. Bring five ideas from the notebook whenever you have a brainstorming meeting.

9) We need to get a woman on the Waveborn team to market our products to women. We need female shades.

10) Be uplifting. Be meaningful. Be thankful.

12) The most sustainable thing is to make people truly want to be there.

13) How to own a character: Read. Play. Tweak.

14) The 18-40 demographic is going to get their news on mobile, through video, and from friends. Period.
NowThis News

17) "There are so many opportunities on the horizon, from mobile exclusives to geo-located offers to better filtering and searching. We've only scratched the surface of what's possible with personalization."
- Michelle Peluso, CEO Gilt Groupe

19) Social media is helping TV. Now you can stretch one hour of a show into two hours of programming by creating #findthesun hash tags to engage viewers to interact with the show on twitter.

22) To make cartoons look cuter, make their eyes bigger.

23) Empower the t-shirt folders and sunglasses tube packers. Scale up the product. Digitize the empire.

26) Kendrick Lamar is the man.

28) We sold nearly 1 million copies of the Harlem Shake, but spent under $5,000 on marketing. How? We gave the song away to begin; we didn't fight pirating; and when a spark happened, we just added fuel to the fire.

29) Girls Who Code sounds like an awesome organization that Roxie and the Fem Tech Effect should reach out to.

30) AT&T resolved cell phone bandwidth issues at music festivals by subdividing the area into smaller pieces, so they are processing in parallel.

33) littleBits looks cool. Everyone is creative and everyone is a techie.

35) Drybar is a new hair salon for women. We should try to get them to sell Waveborns to their customers.

36) Make matches - if you see successful people ahead of you who had to face similar things, it's so much less lonely.
Simplify - On a giant piece of paper, she has founders map out everyone involved in the company. "Then we simplify the map. As soon as it clicks on what's core to their business, they let go of all the stuff that has been getting in their way."

37) Loves alphabetical order, hyphens, right angles, No. 2 pencils

38) We have to have a disciplined approach to creativity

40) Topshop has retail prowess but shines best online, thanks to clever tricks such as in-store photo booths that create shareable animated GIFs of shoppers in Topshop wares. They understand the power clothes have when photographed and presented in the right way.

41) "Ruchi Sanghvi was the first female at Facebook and now she's the head of operations at Dropbox, focused on recruiting, communications, and marketing. Engineers love to optimize problems. Now I optimize logistical problems. What's the goal? What are our constraints? What is the optimal, elegant way to get to that goal within those constraints? I break it down in terms of a data funnel: Where in the funnel are we inefficient? That analytical background really helps."

This is very similar to how my brain works, and this is how we need to train the waveborn tribe to approach problem solving.

42) Office space can drive productivity

45) Pool the work. Show it off. Analyze all. Give ownership.

47) Simon Rich does not take days off and has a very strict schedule. Here is what Malloy's schedule looks like:

9am: wake up after 8 hours of sleep
breakfast: eat some cereal or drink healthy drinks
laptop work: spend the morning using technology to solve problems. my writing is the freshest in the morning.
12pm: lunch, usually with a friend or business contact
afternoon: travel to meetings, take phone calls, run errands, more laptop stuff
dinner: varies, usually leftovers from a previous meal
evening: frisbee practice/workout
night: spend time with people in person - I rarely turn my laptop on after 4pm

from Simon: "at a certain point: I call it quit, and then start reading for 1-4 hours. I try to read about subjects that I'm interested in, and that usually helps me come up with ideas for stories and characters and jokes. I jot them down on a piece of paper, and I put the piece of paper on top my computer - physically on top. That way, the next day, when I go over to my computer, there's a list of things I could maybe write about, and it's less scary."

48) In addition to intensive millennial studying, Tina Wells curates a network of young influencers who test, share, and endorse products. We should get her to help with Waveborn! "They post on Facebook, and when their friends see they have this cool job, they want to be a part of it."

55) Robert Reffkin, Founder and CEO of Urban Compass - the former banker who helps people connect. We should connect with him.

58) "In business, powerful ideas are generally framed in a simple and elegant way. For Spotify, it's about progress. I'm more interested in problem solving than I am trying to stop the future from happening."

60) A Peter Marino-designed store works like an Ouija board: customers float in a preordained a cash register. Make an entrance. Stairway to sales. Point(S) of purchase - every room has 2-3 hidden cash registers. You can't have a line in a luxury business.

61) We always said, if we're No. 2, and we want to be No. 1, why are we doing the same show

63) Be optimistic. Be persuasive. Be observant.

64) To me, it's all about the emotional connection. Interaction isn't gaming; it's emotional response time. It's having a laugh at the same moment.

65) Get personal. Stick with what you're good at. Educate.

66) To create something on a computer shouldn't require you to be a trained engineer. Thousands of times a day, I reach out and pick up objects. I do it with 100% success, without thinking about it at all. Computing should be that easy.

67) People don't have the time, but they still want the quality and style.

69) Baggu is an awesome company that makes bags. We should reach out to them about partnering with Waveborn to get some custom bags made and to market our sunglasses to their bag customers. We already have fanny packs and new reusable grocery store bags. "All our products originate from someone saying 'I really need this.' It's a guiding principle for the company."

71) Levo League is a community for Gen Y women looking for mentoring, jobs, career advice, and peer networking. Roxie should reach out to them about the Fem Tech Effect.

72) Work backward - make sure you are on the same page with your client. write mad libs for what they want it to look like at the end. once they fill in the mad libs, you can work backwards to produce the desired results.
Sketch your user - draw a person using the app, give them a name and one sentence description.
Map success - what do you want users to experience when a certain action with your company is completed? do they get a pop up message/email/etc with update on their order? what will make them happy? how can we deliver that happiness?

75) If there's a good time to be had, I will go for it

84) Code Scouts is empower women to become software developers. Yet another good company for Roxie and the Fem Tech Effect. They are tackling this problem by building a community of learners and monthly troop meetings, professional mentoring, advice on th ebest courses to take, and a closed online social network.

87) Music is about taking risks. Any brand can slap a sponsorship logo on a stage and walk away. I want to rethink the whole artist relationship, from approach to collaboration to fruition.

88) Big Machine Records is not a record company. Nor is it a branding firm. He's in the content business. Radio stations need his content to survive. TV networks need programming, so he collaborates with ABC on the music for Nashville and works on a reality show for The Voice winner. The publicity bonanza isn't costing him a dime. Get people to pay you.

96) Spend money (and social capital). Offer a mix of experiences. Give partners what they need.

97) I'ts mind blowing when you realize 16-24 year olds are processing analytics

99) Data will tell you whether to pick or A or B, but it will never tell you what A and B are in the first place.

100) The most important job in the next 10 years will be data scientists.

Relevant Links:
(douglas is ordering 10 more of these for mobile sales force)