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“Going into business for yourself, becoming an entrepreneur,
is the modern-day equivalent of pioneering on the old frontier."

- Paula Nelson


I started work this morning by cleaning up the wiki. There is a lot of good content from the 2013-06-10 skim session that we will need to work on this week. 2013-05-20 skim session discusses company culture and 100 most creative people in business.

I read the latest edition of Fast Company magazine (like in real 3D printed form) this evening on the roof deck. There were several great ideas that have come out of the articles in there. I will discuss some of the ideas from the article in tomorrow's skim session.

In response to Nice Laundry's latest crowdfunding campaign update, I learned a valuable lesson. Transparency into the business operations creates trust with the customer, which leads to brand loyalty --> word of mouth marketing

Website Checkout Update

Mike Forgit created a "Paypal Express" checkout on our storefront. The user has the option now to not fill out all the address data if they already have a Paypal account. Paypal will give us the data for the order after that. Supposedly this increases sales by an average of 18%. See the screenshot below for the new button.

And we had our first checkout with the new PayPal option on 6/25/13 in the morning with a coupon code from one of our partners, City Running Tours!

Waveborn Weekend Update

A while back, the leadership team talked about creating a "Weekend Update" template for team members and brand ambassadors to use to recap what they worked on/learned/sold over the past week. See attached for a preliminary version.

Can you spend some time today/tomorrow updating the template to look cool, be easy to fill out, and available in multiple formats (powerpoint, excel, word, etc)? I don't actually care what format people are "reporting" in, but I want to start having people in each department reporting to the department leads. Then the department leads can provide Waveborn leadership with updates by Wed/Thurs each week with how things are going.

The four key areas that I discussed with Rob Bogart for the weekend update were:

Best Practices/Lessons Learned (tips for other folks in similar Jake's snapchat pic with the shades and "")
Brand Activation (idea from Red Bull campus rep program - check out the info on the wiki and edit as necessary)
Recruiting & Referrals (how many of your friends have you gotten interested in the brand/company? connected them to HR? what area are they interested in?)

Once you and some of the other team members start creating reports like this, we will be able to use them as examples/templates for other (and future) team members. It is always a "best practice" to create a template version and example version of a new document type, so someone else can easily recreate a similar version. These docs should be stored on the Google Drive/Dropbox/etc.

Be creative. Make it fun. Use pictures/videos/whatever you think is cool. This is how new projects get started.

Spread the movement,

ps. if you are new at powerpoint or excel, check out the "From Deloitte" folder in the Waveborn Library for excel trainings and powerpoint time savers. getting efficient at those programs will help you A LOT in business.

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Jun 24, 2013, 10:06 AM