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“The Internet is among the few things humans have built that they don’t truly understand.”
- Jared Cohen


I'm going through the skim sessions from the past month to clean them up and pull out relevant content that I need to circle back on and share with specific folks.

[wb] Waveborn Investor Pitch Deck

[GoogleDoc] [wb] Marketing Strategy Meeting 06/26/2013

Optical Lab in MN (Harvey)
Polycarbonate lenses (lot of sunglasses are made out of, but optics aren't as good)
Industry is starting to go digital (highest tech lenses available)
Just bought $1,000,000 of equipment for digitally designed lenses
Can virtually do anything they want
Very exciting about future capabilities
Digital design lenses = best

Sample lenses (colors that we want)
Will they stock some of the frames?
Prescription or non-prescription?
"Design 1" = orange mirror coat with polarization
Logistically would be a nightmare without a system in place
We can email orders

They could just mail us lenses if we had capability to pop them into the frame

Prescription info?
Get prescription from the patient from the doctor
Mainly single vision, no bifocals
Complete prescription (copy)
PD - distance from one pupil to the other in mm (50-65mm is average)
Patient can request that from their doctor

Since they ran a job on the nine models we sent, they have all the info in their computer system (shape, circumference, etc)

Coatings need to be produced outside their lab (mirror coats)

Gray polarized lenses with hard coat for scratch resistant

Digital is the future (2-5 years, we will no longer have some of the materials out there)
Can take one lenses, design in any material we want, any
All done by computer and lasers (no more hard
High Index


Send him info on Google Glass

Waveborn, Inc EIN: 46-3243145

Add all this to Podio
Build Waveborn Monthly Subscription ($99 if credit/PayPal, or $95 if bank account setup with Barrett)
    We NEED to get recurring income and I love my stunner of the month membership
Build Waveborn 4 Life ($1000 forever)
    One pair of sunglasses for the rest of your life from Waveborn
    If they are lost/stolen/broken/kidnapped, just let us know and we will send you a new pair
Several of these are given out for free (mentors, family, etc.)
    They also get discounts on our products, forever (special email deals, etc)
    Inside company updates, investment opportunities, and access to new styles before they are released
Build Try On Packages (2 pairs for $99, 6 pairs for $250, 12 pairs for $500...
    Five business day rental
    10 days to return from shipment received date
    And then bill credit card for $85/pair
    Perfect for trying to sell at events and return extra pairs after the weekend
    Can have a party and share with all your friends
    All shades will need to be inspected to meet quality standards upon return
    Bill for damages to shades that we cannot resell
Build rental packages
    Similar to above but focused on events that want to try to sell shades
Sell partially used shades at discount price
Build new sales packages and post on website (add to Podio/website)

Mimoona follow up
Add Podio link here

Verifund - allows any fashion brand to focus on the development of their product
    You can create a pre-order system inside your website enablling you to showcase different designs
    Allows potential customers to comment on your designs and pre-order if interested
There is a huge social layer that allows you to invite friends

Fixed fee and revenue share models
Three plans (all have fixed fee and revenue share)
$49/month + 3.5%
$129/month + 2.5%
$399/month + 1%

Setup Barrett's Podio tutorial for next week

Phone Number
Your phone number will only be used to ensure a flawless and prompt delivery.

Campaign $60 Backer Form

Connecting Emails
Hao Jiang <>
Wei Fan <>
to Derek, Aaron Coats, and Alex Kinsey

Bre @ IGG
to Jeff Reid, Nick Nathan, Thomas hadjuk, Bryant Wolf, Alyssa Lovegrove, Alumni ladies, Korchak, Liz Poggi
Looking for:
student groups, Georgetown partners page, classroom presentations,

To create a partner page, you can fill out the information requested here:

From there, it would be great for you and me to create a plan to bring awareness and education about the page to the Georgetown community.  We can involve others as needed.  

I'll be in DC the week of Sep 9.  Could we hold a panel, host a party or run a workshop on crowdfunding for students and faculty who want to learn more?  For example, at Harvard we are hosting a three day "crowdfundathon" where students show up Fri night with ideas for campaigns, they create groups on Sat morning, we have filmmakers on hand and guest speakers during the days, and then they launch in soft launch at a party on Sunday night.  Something like that would be awesome at Georgetown, too!

You might share with Jeff Reid that I am joining entrepreneurship classes at universities across the country (including Stanford, Columbia, NYU, Duke, etc) in the fall to guest teach a session on crowdfunding.  You can suggest that he and I have a conversation about how Indiegogo can support his department in this or other innovative ways.

You might share with Sarah, Whitney and Bridget that we are partnering with universities across the country (and world) to aggregate campaigns from their community in one place, giving the campaigns the value of association with that university and giving the university insight into new donors and enabling them to showcase cause, creative and entrepreneurial projects taking place in their community.  Some of these universities are launching campaigns directly for their own development purposes.  You might share this campaign, which recently launched to directly support the Alumni Association at the University of Virginia to support the restoration of the university's Rotunda: 

Jesse Gates Sales Tips
Invoice on day of shipping
Net 10 is 10 days from shipping when they have pay
7-10 days from when they receive it

Make Ross check credit on any purchase orders

Step 1) Get a vendor number with a big boy retailer
Vendor number will come from buyers at the stores
Gives them access in their system to place order from Waveborn
Go to accounting/payables/manager to sign off
Then can write a PO (Purchase Order)
Need to get them at the right time when they need our product

Sometimes they will add in a broker who already has a vendor number
We sell to broker and then broker sells to store

When brokering deals, always offer different price breaks at different volumes

Focus on flash sales and lining up inventory and capital logistics
Online business more than brick and mortar
Need to find more places online to sell our products

Check out fractioning for way to float cash and help with cash conversion cycles

Capital One Treasury Setup
Michelle Riley
Option 2, Option 2 (next available representative)

Capital One Update with Cannon
Treasury Optimizer is up and running
I will call and order the checks - Cannon will email me the phone number
Cannon to send me signature cards, and then forward to Sam to sign, so he can be on the checking account
I will be getting a credit card with 1.5% cash back and 0% interest rate until February 2014
Sam will get his own credit card account, too
Ask Sam if Forgit/McCormick need credit cards
I can add Barrett with read only access to the Treasury Optimizer Virtual Try On
Now, is not, ahem, a purveyor of cheap eyeware. You won’t find $7 reading glasses or $10 sunglasses here. The sunglasses, for example, range from $50 to more than $450 a pair.

Fortunately, offers an equally impressive try-at-home program. You can order four pairs at a time, wear them for a week and return the ones that didn’t make the cut; the company pays all the postage both ways.

Without question, the app represents the state of the art in virtual style shopping. It’s superb technology that really works and could save a lot of people a lot of embarrassment. Come to think of it, the world would be a better place if there were similar apps for other things that people should try on virtually before committing to — like hairstyles, tattoos and plastic surgery.

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New Projects

Word of Mouth Marketing and the Importance of Storytelling
(work on this for Georgetown alumni dept)