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"Whenever you complete a task of any size or importance,
you feel a surge of energy, enthusiasm, and self-esteem.
The more important the completed task, the happier, more confident,
and more powerful you feel about yourself and your world."

- Brian Tracy


Lots going on this week.

Lessons Learned Georgetown Sales Trip 11/15/13

Waveborn Marketplace Links
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(2) market; (via Breevy)
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NMRKT customizes and installs eCommerce shops and shoppable functionalities onto online magazines and blogs. Enabling publishers to sell all the product they love and endorse, all of the time through a brand-right and seamlessly integrated interface. With NMRKT, publishers can engage readers from hype to sale and add an additional revenue stream with no upfront costs or infrastructure. 


NMRKT installs custom eCommerce shops and shopping functionalities onto top tier blogs and magazines, allowing retailers and brands to sync their eCom product for additional brand-right sales and marketing channels. When a reader clicks on an item in the publisher's shop or article, it redirects them to complete the purchase on the retailer's site - so they own every sale. It's as easy as pinning on Pinterest to sync, no upfront costs (only small affiliate on referred sales made), and brand-right all the time as you choose which publishers to affiliate with.


Blogs Launching Shops This Holiday:
Natalie Off Duty - (womens) 
Scout Sixteen - (mens) 
Hearty Magazine - (womens) 
Blue Perk - (mens) 
City Brewed - (womens) 
Monsieur Jerome - (mens)

Waveborn Marketplace

LinkedIn Reconnections
Pam Bocciaio - Waveborn Marketplace, buyer connections, independent sales reps
Duncan Bourgoin - life update and yacht plans with Waveborn Marketplace
JT Dean - Wilmer Eye Clinic
Mike Del Ponte - SOMA to Waveborn Marketplace, recommended other brands, discount code for their entire team
Steve Earner - Investments and Marketplace analysis
Kate Faxon-St. Georges - Living Social alumni, National Geographic, promote Waveborn marketplace
Sarah Green - Waveborn Marketplace intro, brand referrals, holiday shopping sharing
Shawna/Jared/Matt/Cesear/Cara - Under30Experiences to get more companies to use the Waveborn marketplace
Ashish Jamian - Microsoft startup guru - refer more companies to the marketplace
Nicole Jackson - Sunglasses in Austrailia, say we found on LinkedIn and email at
Eric Rosner - update him on everything
Natasha Kuzmanovic - Senior Buyer at USC - sell sunglasses and other wholesale products through the marketplace
Colin Kambak - follow up with friends involved with eye doctors (check fb message)
Arjun Lall - get feedback on Waveborn Marketplace and look for contacts in India to buy products wholesale to import
Renato Macedo - Invite on Thursnight, Waveborn Marketplace, refer friends to buy Waveborns this holiday season
Devin Mackoff/Todd Hugenor - Slalom Consulting discount code and Waveborn Marketplace
Martin Maffei - Fidelity discount code and marketplace, investments
Stefani Magner - senior corporate sales manager at Boston Business Journal - figure out what that means
Chad Navarro - independent sales rep recruit
Brendan O'Connor - referral brands for Waveborn Marketplace
Bo Pulito - Waveborn Marketplace launch, recruit brands, empower MBA students to work on sales for 2014
Alex Parets - Waveborn Marketplace launch, review it and tell friends
Susan Rider - Investment, Waveborn Marketplace, sales referrals, holiday shopping tips
Josh Seigal - Waveborn Marketplace and wholesale deals to fashion industry
Cooper Stevenson - lead generation conversation
Jon Waters - company update, Waveborn Marketplace, MetLife discount code, investment
Yoder - referral brands
Natalie Zurka - discuss wedding plans
Miles Garrison - KPMG Manager, promote Waveborn Marketplace
Shawna/Jared/Matt/Cesear/Cara - Under30Experiences to get more companies to use the Waveborn marketplace
Martin Maffei - Fidelity discount code and marketplace
Danny Mahoney - Staples discount code for coworkers
Hilary Radolec - Discount code for Aflac, introduce Waveborn Marketplace
Catharine Saylor - Associate Account Manager at Under Armor
Sana Venjara - ABC discount deal
Yoder - Octagon discount code, Waveborn Marketplace, referral brands
Natalie Zurka - Waveborn Marketplace, Four Seasons discount code

Company Discount Codes
Deloitte50 - Everyone
KPMG50 - Miles
NPR50 - Kat
Octagon50 - Yoder
Under Armor50 - Catharine Saylor
Aflac50 - Hilary Radolec
Facebook50 - Greg
Amazon50 - Allie and Ryan N
[Facebook Likes List]

Store Credit
Joe DiPaula
Rachel Cashen
Hunter Pritchard
Stuart Trouton
Phil Moldavski
Mike Maltagliati
Diane Schilit

Aaron Shaffer


Waveborn Updates
Optometrist Launch Event
Website Redesign
Tech Team Roles/Schedules
Holiday Shopping Strategies
DirectAnswer (Outsourced shipping & logistics starting on 12/15 for all holiday gifts)
Canada Flash Sale to 3.5M people
Dick's Sporting Goods Collection (via MLU)
Delivering Happiness Custom Sunglasses (500 pair)
Leeds Promotional Items (5-10k pair blank for $29.50)
Entire Waveborn Staff Transition Strategy (review each department)
Katie's Role at Waveborn
Holiday Schedule/Timeline/Plans
How to Manage a Virtual Staff for the next 1.5ish Months
Cindy's Role
Sikes's Role
Christian's Role

Happy Holidays from Waveborn!

Waveborn is reaching out to our network of friends and partners with special promotions for the holiday shopping season. We setup a special discount code for you and anyone you work with at ABC.

If any of your coworkers are also interested in Waveborn sunglasses and giving the Gift of Sight this holiday season, please pass along the attached PDF and discount code ABC50 to save $50.

Give the Gift of Sight,
The Waveborn Team

ps. we encourage you to share the discount code and spread the giving with friends and family via social media

Deloitte reconnects to forward info about Waveborn Marketplace
Mark Ranneberger
Tyler Martin
Christian Wicks
Freddy Rodriguez
Gibbs Lott
Jyoti Khetan
Biz Dev lady
Anup Sabharwal
Ali Bandukwalla
Nina Zhang
Tim Fisher
Kevin Porter

Marketplace Leads from TOMS

Harper Belle - - 805.436.5158 (jewelry)

Same Sky - - (jewelry)

lemlem -
For Women's Wholesale Inquires
Steven Alan Showroom
87 Franklin Street
New York, NY 10013

Cleobella - - 562.310.2911 (bags)
860 S. Los Angeles #525
Los Angeles,CA 90014
P: 213.489.0727

Apolis - Jeremy Davis is VP of Global Sales - (bags)

Jade Tribe -

I've got big ideas about The Giving Model (yes, proper noun) that we use, and I want to get everyone on the planet to start using. What if this holiday season, every time you spent money on a consumer product, you donated something (anything) to a good cause. It can be $5, or 5% or $0.05, but something.

"Hey I just bought my wife a $200 necklace, let me go donate $20 to the lung transplant foundation because my dad died of lunch cancer and that cause is important to me"


"Hey kids, I don't need another pair of earrings, but please give the gift of sight through Unite for Sight on my behalf this holiday season. It only costs $5 to help someone less fortunate on my behalf" (and they get a nice card to give as a present).

Fleshing this all out with our team and getting a lot of other brands, businesses, and consumers to join. Here's some press we got today about it:


Heltzer - Website revamp
Hoya Gateway - read a few emails and respond
Matty Boobs - Sales follow up
JP's friend - Sales follow up
Chartos - Sales follow up

Questions to ask yourself after setting a goal:
What is the purpose of this goal?
Why is it important to me?

Relevant Links:

Lessons Learned Georgetown Sales Trip 11/15/13