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Christmas was fun. Let's take some notes on what I need to do to close out a great 2013.

Scott Mackes
Review layout of website page
Provide feedback on the pricing model
Ask Lisa for quote

Update 2013 Goals and write long recap

Create 8 Pillars of Business for Waveborn goals
Create career goals and 2014 company goals
Sales, B2C, B2B, Marketing, Tech, HR, Finance, PR,
Eye Doctors, Retail/Fashion, Surf Shops
US vs. International

Figure out way to take email thread projects with the 12 and move into Podio workspace
Add new sales account in VT to Podio and google docs
Send new VT order to Katie Rogers

Get access to their system
Place first order manually through system
Ask about taking pictures of packaging (for free)


Polly Ditch (at least one of each frame texture for sample logos)
Oneida Molded Plastics
104 S. Warner St.
Oneida, NY 13421

c/o DirectAnswer
6424 Bock Rd
Oxon Hill, MD 20745

Follow up on all LensWorks orders with customers
Check status on ALL orders in BC
Call Shelley tomorrow morning
Curtis Meade - polarized dockweilers with AR and scratch coating
Ian Ward - resend new pair
Nick Greenfield - big package - 9114901159815620501512
David Sikes - complaint about prescription
Dennis Cohee
Sprague Brodie
Cara Murphy
Tyler Cande - new polarized campfire marinas and neon samples
Bittersweet Zine - 3 dark torts + 1 extra

Process store credit transfers
Laws - second email address

Investor Follow Ups
Ian Ward
Rob Shoemaker
Brian Langevin
Louis Eisenberg
Greg Gotimer

Enstitute Followups
Kane schedule quick call
Joe schedule quick call
Jess quick email
Send connections listed on doc
Fill out employer survey

Email Oscar and Alex about processing payments with Square and need for $200k
Rajay follow up email messages to Brazil contacts
Jon and Rachel Deloitte connections for job and then DC shades promo deal

TJ Touchpoints
Nina Sayers
Rachel Miller
Lisa Lewis
Alex Reg
Curtis Meade
Bryant Wolf
Chaeny (do you need to talk to his team?)
Sikes (availability over winter break and this semester...need concrete times for him in office and remote)
...Enstitute draft write up

Review and edit 2014 Sales Strategy

Georgetown Startup Hoyas
Deck review for Lisa
Write article for
Read emails from old threads and McCormick to follow up

Use of Financial Statements:
The Green Abacus prepares financial statements for managerial use only. In the CPA profession, we have three other levels of statement preparation: Compilations, Reviews, and Audits. I do not prepare these levels of financial reports, because my intent is to work closely with the business owner in the day-to-day operations of the company. All you care to know is how your business is performing. Because of my choice to limit the level of preparation, statements provided to you are not suitable for presentation to interested third-parties, and in doing so, you assume all responsibility for the representation contained on the statements. Should you need financial statements for securing financing, for example, I can assist you in identifying and working with a CPA who will provide you this level of service. But I want to provide you awesome regular advice, and to allow me to do that, I have chosen not to provide this type of service. I think you’ll be happy I made this choice!

Video feedback from Steve Hyman
Got more comfortable and confident as the video went on
Thing that was missing: I did not ask for a sale!!!
Perfect opportunity to go online
Get everyone involved with Waveborn to send it to 10 people and then have them send it to 1
Make them an offer. A deal that is so good they can't refuse it.
It is very very powerful. And what I need is sales. That would be good.
Get our "staff" to show at least 10 people, then we will get people to purchase them
When you google sunglasses and we come up with these clips - how fabulous it would be

"If you are interested in seeing more info about this product

Hire someone in CA and their job is to get people to look at this video clip
If they get enough people, then it is their sales mechanism
Do it in each state, region, etc

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