The Team

Founder and CEO

Jonathan Schilit

Jonathan Schilit is the Founder and CEO of Waveborn, a social good retail brand that combines the cool of fashion with the soul of giving. Waveborn produces high quality, Italian-made sunglasses and for each pair sold, donates new eyeglasses to people that need them. In this role, Jonathan has developed the Waveborn brand and led product design, and currently manages marketing, business development and charitable giving.

Before Waveborn, Jonathan oversaw marketing at, spearheading strategic partnerships. There, he had the opportunity to develop partnerships with leading brands like Six Flags, Hulu, and ABC Family. In his role at, Jonathan served as Executive Producer for the 2010 Do Something Awards, which aired July 19, 2010 on VH1. The show honored celebrities and young people alike for their work in social change.

Early in his career, Jonathan spent time in the entertainment industry, working in Licensing and Merchandising at FOX Entertainment, and then in creative development at Riche Productions.

Jonathan is a past lecturer at Social Action Boot Camps, leading the seminar: “Branding and Marketing: How to find your voice and tell your story.” Additionally, Jonathan is currently a Board Member of the not-for-profit organization, Minga.

Director of Business Development

Mike Malloy

Mike Malloy has worked with Waveborn since July 2011 as the Director of Business Development. Malloy is involved with all aspects of the company, and he is constantly coming up with new and creative ways to partner with other companies and events to promote Waveborn and tell more people about our mission.

Mike Malloy grew up in Millersville, MD where he attended Archbishop Spalding High School. He earned his B.S. in Computer Science and B.A. in Mathematics from Boston College. After college, Mike moved to Washington, DC to work for Deloitte Consulting in their federal technology practice. He spent four years with the firm and went to grad school part-time to get his masters in computer science and play ultimate frisbee at Georgetown University. Deloitte was very supportive of his continued education while spending three years on an FDIC project dealing with failed bank closures.

Malloy graduated from Georgetown with his M.S. in Computer Science (and a 3rd place finish at College Regionals) in May 2012, and he promptly quit his job at Deloitte in June to move to Dewey Beach, DE to sell sunglasses. He is currently living the dream and could not be happier with the way things are going. Malloy can now go anywhere in the world where it is sunny and call it a "business trip"...but he spends most of his waking hours at the PunchRock office in DC these days.

Director of Technology

Mike Forgit

Mike Forgit has worked with Waveborn since November 2011. He manages the website to improve sales, SEO, and user experience. The major improvements he has contributed to the site include a new home page, two look books, and improved quality of the site as a whole.

Mike is from Worcester, MA and currently lives in Auburn, MA. He earned a B.S. in Computer Science from Boston College and is currently pursing his M.S. in Computer Science at Boston University.  

Mike works for UpToDate, Inc., a Clinical Decision Support product, located in Waltham, MA. He is a Software Engineer focusing on website design and back office applications.

Director of West Coast Operations

Andrew Mueth

Andrew Mueth started working with Waveborn in March 2012 as the Director of West Coast Operations. He shoots Waveborn commercials with his big shot LA buddies and focuses on expanding Waveborn's presence along the Pacific coast. He also runs the postcard club.  

Mueth grew up in St. Louis, where he developed a lifelong affinity for meatloaf and mullets. He attended St. Louis University High School. He then went to undergraduate school at Georgetown University where he majored in English and double minored in History and Ultimate Frisbee. Following graduation, Andrew moved to Los Angeles and still can't get used to the weather. In January, Malloy and Mueth realized that Waveborn and Southern California go together like sunglasses and a face with a nose. If he someday writes a movie half as good as Die Hard, he will retire to Wyoming and play cowboy for the rest of his life. 

Since graduating college, Mueth has kept a lot of pans on the stove: he freelances as a writer at Consumer Brands Inc, produces commercials for Waveborn, sells our merch, and sometimes even braves the traffic for a trip to the beach. He hopes you have a wonderful day, and decide to sign up for the postcard club.

Director of the Brand Ambassador Program

Alyssa Lazzeroni

Alyssa Lazzeroni started working with Waveborn in September 2012. After a crash course in Waveborn 101, she was appointed as the Director of the Brand Ambassador Program.  Alyssa focuses on developing and maintaining the Brand Ambassador program at college campuses and communities around the country. She has also taken active roles in several other aspects of the company, and Alyssa has done a great job balancing her course load, extracurricular activities, and Waveborn commitments.

Alyssa grew up just outside San Antonio TX, and attended East Central High School. Alyssa is majoring in Anthropology and Women and Gender Studies at Georgetown University. In addition to playing for the Georgetown women’s ultimate team, the Huckin Foyas, she also works as a student assistant at Lauinger Library.

Although not as mobile as Malloy, she is happiest in the sun and loves traveling for any reason. Shoot her an email at if you want to learn more about the Brand Ambassador program and how YOU can get more involved to help spread our mission and grow the brand across the country!

Brand Ambassadors

We are actively recruiting Brand Ambassadors across the country. Email Alyssa if you want to get involved. He's a list of our current team of BAs:

Alex Kursch
Alex Laws
Andrew Mueth
Ashley Baboota
Ashton Garriott
Avery Newman
Becca Seay
Brendan Thompson
Brian Molloy
Bryce Reem
David Trimmer
Dustin Becker
Eric Bechtle
Eric Gronell
Erik Fenton
Jack Reilly
Jill Grzeskiewicz
Jonathan Schilit
Josh Tsung
Karen Sebold
Keys Pattie
Matt Thees
Mike Forgit
Mike Malloy
Mike McCormick
Mike Sikes
Natalie Zurka
Pam Boccaccio
Paul Amador
Rachel Cashen
Sam Loyd
Sam O'Brien
Stephanie Handler
Tara Caspar
Taylor Ford
Tommy Colliton
Tommy Newbrough
Tony DeGenaro
Travis Manning
Tyler Cande
Uttam "M" Pire