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Mike Malloy

Name: Mike Malloy
Contact Info: Mike Malloy <>
Cell Phone: 443-694-1545
Preferred method of communication: Email --> Texting --> Phone Call --> 15 Minute Meeting --> Lunch/Dinner/Drinks

: July 2011
Referred By: Jonathan Schilit
Referrals: TODO: almost everyone, and it should display their names and link to their profiles...
Department(s): Admin, HR, Partnerships, Sales, Investments, Finance, PR, Marketing, Social Media, Website
Mentors: Jonathan Schilit, Micah Flynn, Greg Heltzer, Steve Hyman, Scott Mackes, Jeff Snader, Ryan Vance
Mentees: Mike McCormick, Eric Rosner, Nick Nathan, Lisa Lewis

Fun Fact
: I have an irrational fear of pickles.

What I'm working on
: Hiring 100 people in the next month
What I need help with: Onboarding and training those folks, as well as creating a reusable training page on the wiki
What I can help you with: Anything and everything Waveborn related. If you can't find an answer in one of our FAQs, then you should ask me. I will come up with a solution to your question, and then we can share that solution with the rest of the Waveborn community
Weekend Update: [see attached...need to finalize that template and send it out]

Social Media Profiles:

StrengthsFinder 2.0 Results: Positivity, Futuristic, Individualization, Communication, Woo
Leadership Style: Team Captain/Community Organizer

Mike Malloy has worked with Waveborn since July 2011 as the Director of Business Development. Malloy is involved with all aspects of the company, and he is constantly coming up with new and creative ways to partner with other companies and events to promote Waveborn and tell more people about our mission.

Mike Malloy grew up in Millersville, MD where he attended Archbishop Spalding High School. He earned his B.S. in Computer Science and B.A. in Mathematics from Boston College. After college, Mike moved to Washington, DC to work for Deloitte Consulting in their federal technology practice. He spent four years with the firm and went to grad school part-time to get his masters in computer science and play ultimate frisbee at Georgetown University. Deloitte was very supportive of his continued education while spending three years on an FDIC project dealing with failed bank closures.

Malloy graduated from Georgetown with his M.S. in Computer Science (and a 3rd place finish at College Regionals) in May 2012, and he promptly quit his job at Deloitte in June to move to Dewey Beach, DE to sell sunglasses. He is currently living the dream and could not be happier with the way things are going. Malloy can now go anywhere in the world where it is sunny and call it a "business trip"...but he spends most of his waking hours at the PunchRock office in DC these days.

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