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MBA or Life Experience? Choose Your Path

I spent my academic career studying math and computer science, and I have only taken one business class (micro econ sophomore year at BC) in my entire life. I was lucky enough to have a number of tremendous job opportunities along the way to teach me the skills necessary to run my own businesses.

You don't need to get an MBA to learn how to run a business. In fact, I highly encourage you to read The 45-minute MBA by Scott Mackes before applying to grad school. Most of the stuff you want to learn can be found in there. The biggest thing that I learned in my M.S. in computer science program at Georgetown wasn't how to code in new languages or solve complex algorithms. I learned how I learn. That was by far the most valuable lesson I could take away from the program, and it has sent me on a life long journey of continuing education and development. Just because you graduate college doesn't mean your education is over. You should be learning new things every day from your various work and interpersonal experiences.