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What is a call-to-action?

A call-to-action is a digital marketing term which describes an image or text that prompts the viewer to take a take an action. Whenever someone views a piece of marketing content or a webpage, calls-to-action will redirect them to a landing page where they can engage with your product or enter information. Calls-to-action structure a visitor’s experience by telling them what is important and how they should respond to what you are telling them.

Effective calls-to-action lead potential customers through the different stages of the sales cycle without leaving them guessing what to do next or how to proceed. Calls-to-action will be essential in converting visitors to leads.


How to make a call-to-action

Calls to action should drive people to current campaigns, events, sales or specific content that you think is important. They should be placed wherever potential leads will first engage with your company or product and direct them to registration pages, information pages, or places where the product can be purchased. The home page of your website, for example, should have a clear call-to-action so that visitors will not be lost and click the ‘back’ button. Calls-to-action should NOT be put on landing pages. This will distract the viewer from performing whatever desired task you intended. Calls-to-action can be imbedded in anything from Facebook posts, tweets, blog posts, email blasts, advertisements, paid media, presentations etc.

In all instances, it should be obvious for the viewer what the next action should be.


How to optimize a call-to-action

- Make it clear

- Let it stand out

- Make it actionable

- Keep it above the fold

- Create the right context

- Make sure it’s relevant

- Tweak based on different sales strategies

- Keep it aligned with landing page

- Optimize landing page

- Keep testing

How to make calls-to-action compelling

It is important that in addition to the viewer understanding what it is they should do and how to do it but also that they have reason to take action. Here are ten key things to keep in mind in order to draw people to your landing page.

1. Convey value

2. Create urgency

3. Make it personal

4. Testimonials

5. Include numbers

6. Turn it into a bonus

7. Make it newsworthy

8. Be confident in your language

9. Ask questions

10. Be subtle

Key Takeaways

In order to truly engage your viewers and ensure that they will take that extra step to buy your product, fill out your survey, or register for your event, you must structure your marketing approach with calls-to-action. Make them clear and compelling so your visitor is not left wondering why they came. See below for more great resources on calls-to-action.

List of 20 Call-to-Action Resources

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