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Filler Posts

Advice from Pat Flynn via email newsletter:

What's a filler post?
Well, a filler post is a type of post that you can publish on your blog when you want to stick to a posting schedule, but you just don't have any real content ready, or you just don't have the energy to write. 
I often find myself lacking energy to write, and when that's the case I can always substitute a filler post. I stick to my posting schedule, and my audience will never know there was any lack of energy. 
So what exactly is a filler post?
It's nothing totally new, and most likely you've seen or even published a number of these yourself before - it's just nice to know exactly what kinds of posts they are in case you're feeling a bit behind or lethargic:
Guest Posts or Interviews - These are fantastic, because most of the content is created by other people! (Hopefully people who have excellent advice and things to say that would be helpful to your readers). Of course, you'll have to prepare these ahead of time, and it's always good to connect with other bloggers and experts in the field for networking purposes.
Ask The Readers - Don't have enough content for one post, but have a subject in mind? Why not ask your audience what they think? You'll get a slew of comments, build a sense of community, and the best part is that they'll all create the content for you! Then, you can do a followup post talking about what people said at a later time, and your audience will feel included and come back for more.
Case Studies - Case studies are great, because you're basically reporting on something. So, as far as the "hard-core thinking" goes, it's minimal, because your data becomes the content itself.
Monthly Reports - You know I'm a big fan of Monthly Reports. My monthly income reports have because the number one most viewed and most commented on post that I write, and honestly - it's one of the easiest posts that I write too. It's easy because again, a lot of it is just reporting and data, and secondly it's a lot of fun! Plus, since you're doing it monthly, it's something you KNOW you're going to write about, and something your readers have to look forward to as well.
Links to Other Blogs - You see this one a lot, and it's great because it's super easy, and super helpful for your audience. Get them connected to other people in your niche by linking to certain posts that you've read that you think would be great to pass on to your readers. In addition, the blogs you link to will mostly likely take notice, which may spark a profitable relationship in the future.
Links to Posts in Your Archive - Every day we get new people to visit our blog, so it's impossible for everyone to know everything you've ever written. That's why it's easy to get them to read killer posts that you've written in the past that might be buried in your archives, by simply listing a number of posts from the past that you'd like to share. Be sure to include a little snippet or summary, to get people excited about reading some of your older stuff.
Personal Stuff - Some of you may not be comfortable with sharing personal things on your blog, but if you don't mind, sharing personal things can be an easy filler post that actually does a lot of good. It helps show that you're a real person, and it gets your audience to connect with you on a more personal level. You're not just a blogger or a person who writes posts, you're Mike Malloy.
So there you have it, a number of different types of Filler Posts you can use at your disposal if you're ever searching for fast content, or just don't have the energy to write a full blown blog post. 
I hope you're enjoying the newsletter so far! Cheers Mike!
Wishing you nothing less than success,
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