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Gmail Folder

From: Dan "Goose" Kaplowitz <>

Let's face it, you get a ton of emails from PACME. It isn't always the most delightful thing to see 15 of them all up ons your inbox when you haven't checked your email in a day or two.

I really recommend setting up a google folder and filters to make any PACME related emails skip the inbox and go straight to the PACME folder.

Here's how:
1) Go to gmail settings, click on the labels tab, click Create New Label
2) Call it "PACME Shiz" or anything you want. Ignore the "nest under" thing.
3) Pat yourself on the boner, you have created a label
4) Go to gmail settings, click on the filters tab, click Create New Filter at the bottom
5) Fill in From:
6) Click create filter. Check Skip the inbox, Apply label PACME Shiz, and apply to 885 previous conversations (this will get all the old ones out of your inbox and archive them)
7) Repeat steps 4-6 for 
and another for
Has the words:
to cover all your bases

Do it. Now!