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Georgetown 2010 Mid Season

From: Tim Huether <tjhuether@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 11:32 AM
Subject: Eye of the Tiger
To: Timothy Kennedy <tjk44@hoyamail.georgetown.edu>, nmc36@georgetown.edu, Nick Brown <nicholasbrown07@gmail.com>, Ben Feng <bfeng7@gmail.com>, Peter Metzger <petergmetzger@gmail.com>, Scott Lensing <scott.lensing@gmail.com>, Stephen DeGenaro <sdegenaro@gmail.com>, Frank Polley <fhpolley@gmail.com>, Will Smith <wps2267@gmail.com>, Christopher Lee <cal.christopheralee@gmail.com>, Jacob Anderson <jacobanderson257@rogers.com>, Dan Stokes <stksdn@gmail.com>, Matthew Kerrigan <mak223@hoyamail.georgetown.edu>, Charles Patten <cjp55@hoyamail.georgetown.edu>, Mike Drost <mhdrost@gmail.com>, John Bufe <jpbufe3@gmail.com>, Michael Malloy <mwmalloy@gmail.com>, Tucker Barbour <barbct5@gmail.com>, Sean Hannon <smh2013@yahoo.com>, Austin Uhler <amu300@gmail.com>

24 days until sectionals.
It should not come as a surprise that our team needs to take on a new attitude and new strategies for practice and tournaments in the home stretch.  If we played at QCTU and Wilmington the way we did against UVA, our results would have been markedly different.  To that point, here are the four buzzwords for the rest of the season:
Intensity: we need to go nuts when we play ultimate. We need to really bring it to every second of every practice and track workout. We need to be loud on the field and even louder on the sidelines. We need to push each other past the limit and then pick each other up afterwards. We have lives outside of ultimate, I recognize this and that's obviously important. But when you are on the field, you don’t, not until the season is over.  Right now, our whole focus is on what we can do to make ourselves the best we can be by sectionals, and intensity is a huge part of that.

Focus: when we are at tournaments, we will not be playing any more silly games during timeouts. When we have a timeout that only involves the seven players on the field, the other players will have their own huddle and talk about how the game is progressing, assign smart matchups, and assign each player to talk to a person on the field.  When you're on the field, you're not talking about who Sally Sue blew last Friday night.  You're doing everything you fucking can to make your seven brothers on the field play as well as they can, whether its up calls, helping the defense, or running your ass on the field after we score (which is another thing we will be doing for the rest of the year.  After EVERY score, we all run out on the field and congratulate the team.) We have the rest of the year to fool around. As long as your cleats are on, your head is in the game.  If you want an outlet for your quirkiness, write a new cheer so we can get pumped up.  
Confidence:  We are fucking good.  We can tap into the well of confidence from the UVA game and the Thursday of the coed tournament for the rest of the year.  When we want to play our best, not one can touch us.  Last Thursday, it was the A teamers on the coed team that decided they wanted to win the tournament (to quote Malloy, "I fucking want the trophy.")  If we play every game like there's a trophy at the end, we won't lose.  And a corollary to that point: I know its cliche, but its said for a reason.  We play OUR game.  The opponent doesn't matter.  If we take care of our business, we will win a lot of games.  I don't want to hear anything about "the next team we're playing is X and Y, they're so good, blah blah blah."  When we play with swagger and confidence, within our abilities, we can beat anyone.

Winning: in this final stretch, there will be more emphasis on performance. During the first two tournaments we asked for an even distribution of playing time. That is no longer the case. We'll be putting the line on that gives us the best chance to win.  A personal note: I (Austin) never had less playing time than in important games in the tail end of last spring, but I never considered my role more important. I would get on every fourth or fifth point and try my hardest to run the cup, deny my man the disc, or make good cuts. Figure out how you can help the team win, and do that.  If you have any questions about this, talk to us.
24 days until sectionals baby.  Get some.
Tim and Austin