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From: Danton Noriega-Goodwin <dn95@georgetown.edu>
Date: Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 5:22 PM
Subject: [georgetownATeam] Great Stretching/Strengthening site

Hey all,

I constantly keep aggravating my left rotator cuff on layouts and workouts (a product of having a grade II AC-joint separation followed by a strained rotator cuff last semester). As a consequence, I've decided to make regular rotator cuff and rhomboid stretching and strengthening a part of my regimen on all of my off/rest days. (It used to be a normal part of my routine but I stopped once I could bench, press, and clean etc.)

In searching for a good stretch/strengthening video (again), I actually finally found a very, very good one with all the best stretches I've found in bits in pieces entirely consolidated in one video. Not only that, the other videos by the same dude for other stretches are also very clear and well done.

The videos do have a super yoga cheesiness feel to them. I'm used to it after years of doing yoga but it may be a bit foreign to some of you. Don't let it detour you--the videos are damn well done.

I've yet to try all of the stretches, but there seems to be something for every type of injury currently plaguing our teammates. I plan to try the hip/groin sequence when I get home later and do the rotator cuff/rhomboid one every hour or so (upper back pain from sitting so long :( ).

Here is the site:

Give it a look and give the stretches a shot. 

Happy finals,