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2013 Spring Season

I'm going to post stuff up here to help organize and plan for the upcoming season. Here's what I have so far as of 1/21/13:

Tyler Adams is in charge of the master freshman dude list haha. Here's the roster I have from the planning for CUFF:


And now I went through and organized the other docs from last semester. Here's all the latest spreadsheets I have. Can you please share any planning docs that I am missing? I think there's a form for Beenanza attendance that I don't have access to. Please add any links to this page to planning docs. Here are the links:

[Squirrels] Roster
[Squirrels] Goals
[Squirrels] Listserve Subscribers

Check out each of the docs now or when you have a few minutes. Let's make sure we keep updating these documents over the next few weeks as players start bringing their friends/roommates out to check out ultimate practice. Make sure to let everyone know that bringing new players out is encouraged to start the season. There's a lot of freshman dudes who have no idea what they are doing first semester. I didn't start playing until my junior year, so always be recruiting.

In terms of the docs, here is some work we can do with them over the next couple of weeks and general comments:

[Squirrels] Roster
TODO: Captains to double check any other docs and make sure this contains a master list of all players who may play with the squirrels at a tournament.
We have almost 50 dudes and we will be recruiting more this season.
One of our goals should now be to send a C team to a tournament this spring.
It says a TON about how much our Program has grown.
Maybe 2 teams to 1 tournament in the season and 2 teams to sectionals if we have enough since it is local/sleep at home?
We can talk more about this once we start seeing how available everyone is for each tournament this spring.

Need to add new names as we get new players to practice this semester
TODO: Someone to bring a piece of paper to take down contact info for new players who come to practices
TODO: Tyler Adams to update all google docs with the new players and add them to the appropriate listserves (squirrel, gtown ultimate, superserv email to mitch)

We need to add in everyone's USAU IDs and make sure those who haven't signed up yet, do so immediately.
TODO: Captains to search other google docs for past list of USAU IDs and import here
TODO: Captains to research exactly what needs to be completed for USAU registration to be complete for team and indidivudals
TODO: Captains to email out link with details about how to sign up for USAU and tell everyone to add their number to this roster
TODO: Dick Day to follow up with Quiz about the requirements for our registration for Beenanza
TODO: Javitt to follow up with Dorko about budget, rental cars, hotels, etc for Beenanza
Make sure we get all the paperwork started ASAP for everything involving Beenanza

[Squirrels] Goals
TODO: Malloy, Bodaken, and Rob to read through the list of strengths/weaknesses/goals for each player and add comments in the coaches' column
TODO: Captains to read through the list of strengths/weaknesses/goals for each player and add comments in the captains' column
TODO: Tyler Adams and rest of the team to read through the list of strengths/weaknesses/goals for each player and add comments in the teammates' column
This will be a living document all season that players can consistently be updating and editing
Team leadership can also use it as a way to communicate with players to keep working hard to their goals and improvements seen in practice
If we notice something a player can work on in practice, but don't have time to talk to them 1-on-1 we can use this goals doc to provide feedback or just send them an email after practice.
As coaches, this will help us to understand the players self-assessments (which are often very inaccurate...) and understand what areas of the game they need the most teaching
As captains, this will help you to start to place players in various roles on the team based on their strengths/weaknesses. Think about which attributes you need for a player in the cup vs. an upwind handler.
We want to do everything we can to help the individual players achieve their goals because it all aligns with our overall team goals for success and maximum development over the course of the season.

[Squirrels] Listserve Subscribers
TODO: Tyler Adams to compare this list of subscribers on the Black Squirrels-serve and make sure everyone is also on gtown ultimate-serve. Update column F with 1s and 0s. Add anyone who is missing from the gtown ultimate-serve.
TODO: Tyler Adams to send this list to Mitch and have him fill in column G with 1s and 0s to confirm that everyone is on the Superserv

Well, that's a good place to get started for the upcoming season. There's a lot of TODO items on this page. I will be online all week, so follow up with me if you have any questions. Please update this page and strikethrough TODO items once completed (Format menu --> Strikethrough). Add comments on here as needed.