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9:45 - throwing. Do Not Disturb Rugby Practice
10:00 - warmup
10:10 - omega drill, multiple instances, open side throws only
10:20 - bring it in, review defensive concepts again
10:25 - stations -- we're bringing them back!!
FOUR TEAM VERSION (two stations)
-- gauntlet drill on one field
-- sealing on the mark drill on other field
-- drill (15 min), scrimmage (15 min), switch (3 min), drill (15 min), scrimmage (15 min)
SIX TEAM VERSION (three stations)
-- gauntlet drill not on a field (22 min)
-- sealing on the mark drill on one field (10 min), then scrimmage (12 min)
-- footwork on the other field (10 min - 5 min for footwork1, 5 min for footwork2), then scrimmage (12 min)
11:35 - huck drill or piston drill or footwork

* Gauntlet drill - you should all remember this one. 4x12 box for cutting, one on one. Cone 1-2 yards outside the deep edge of the box. Offense must either leave the box to the deep side (trying to get to cone before defender leaves the box), or get the disc thrown to him on an in cut. The drill doesn't stop any other way. Teach dictating and bodying and footwork.
* Sealing on the mark - vet/injured thrower, throwing to a cutter/defender combination. Cutter chooses left or right side, thrower leads the cutter. Defender must put on a force-middle mark (ie don't get broken up the sideline). We have one injured/old guy on each side to receive these passes. Teach sealing, shuffling on the mark, pivoting for the thrower.
* footwork1 - f----n----o----n----f teams on either side of the 'o'. one on one. all cones are 5 yards apart. Offense goes one direction and chooses whether to cut back at the near or far cone. For the far cone, the pattern is: o-f-f-o for a 40-yard shuttle race. For the near cone, the pattern is o-n-n-o for a 20-yard shuttle race.
* footwork2 - two 8x8 squares of cones with one in the center. Run patterns in teams as a race - forward/backward M and forward/backward N.