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9:00 - warmup
9:10 - dump go-to drill (3 min each direction on the dish, 4 min each direction on sideline throw)
9:25 - bring it in, go over endzone (see points from slides and previous email)
9:35 - split into 4 groups (8 teams), one at each endzone (make sure to divide handlers evenly)
** run a few reps without defense so people get the rotation down, make sure handlers throw some pump fakes
** some reps with defense (only a couple each side)
** 5 dark on O, 5 light on O, repeat
10:05 - scrimmage, pause and reset every time there's a redzone turnover
10:30 - scrimmage for reals
10:50 - sprints! in partners - 3x(20 yds and back), 2x(40 yds and back), 1x(70 yds and back), 2x(40yds and back), 3x(20 yds and back)