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Handler/cutter split.

9:45 - warmup
9:55 - split handlers and cutters, make teams
10:00 - 4v0 drill - set up like endzone, use pump fakes to simulate good D.
10:07 - 3 teams of 3, work on dominator
10:20 - 4v4 dump sets. some ho, some vert. work on getting open, good cycling, good throws to space.
10:00 - defense at 80%, pick a way to dictate, cutter on O cuts hard and takes what the defense is giving. Need a thrower
10:07 - sidestack castro drill w D (disc in middle, iso available, force back to stack of 3). Can either hit iso, next cutter, or front of stack. Focus on cutter flow and timing when to enter the space.
10:15 - 5 person ho: initial thrower + 4 cutters, flow w D. focus on clearing hard out of the middle, timing the entrance, making GOOD deep cuts.
10:23 - 5 person vert, thrower + 4 cutters, flow w D. focus on zipper to start, hitting front of stack w IO, butterfly cuts.
10:35 - game to 5
11:10 - 5 pull w handler dominator into cutter flow.

We need help at:
-Catching the disc- far too many drops on the weekend
-Attacking the disc- it will help with the drops
-Zone positioning- especially 1) the cup moving TOGETHER and 2) the wings
-Reading the disc in the air
-Using our body downfield
-Conditioning- we looked tired, and it was a tourny which had lots of rest, we must be in better shape

Here is what I would do with the practice:
945 Warm Up
955 Pistol Cutting drill (cut right clear left etc)- enough lines so only 3-4 times through
1010 3v3 in a box, can't call fouls
1025 Zone Positioning- we run through the positioning really quickly, keys to mention: 
-mark sets the positioning of the cup (apex and off play off of the mark)
-when to trap or not
-when disc is in different parts of the field who the middle row should cover
1030 Reps of Zone: Jacob, Malloy, Bodaken play handlers in a zone with four cutters downfield. While the cutters are making cuts, if we pass it to them, they are essentially just going to pass it back, it is more about in any given handler situation who people should cover and how the cup should move.
1050 Verizon Drill (loopy throws, attack the disc in the air)
1100 Scrim to 7 or 9
1130 Conditioning (groups of three alternating legs of a race)