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945 Warm Up

955 Pistol Cutting

1010 Intern Steve: Around dumps, Strike cuts, Strike cuts-->Inside breaks (7 cut), In-cuts, Deep cuts

1030 Introduce 2 Plays/Get a few reps with them: 
1) Lumberjack (the Miami Hurricane, back of stack on open side in and front of stack cuts deep for continuation from break side). 
2) Superman (this is a new one that I picked up from a Pitt game I just watched. From a vertical stack, the front of the stack clears big on the open side; the second in the stack cuts straight in/to the open side for a short pass; the deep cutting front of stack cuts back on open side for continuation; the third (originally) in stack cuts deep from break side.

(I know we mostly run Ho Stack, but I want to make sure we have plays for each type of offense so we can run a set play when we have either 2 or 3 handlers on the field).

1050 Transitions focus scrim. Game to 5. Either come out in Zone and work on transition to man, or come out in man from start. Randomly, a coach can yell TURN and the disc is dropped and the other team fast breaks. The point of this is to look to pick up people quickly, especially against a fast break. Also, teams can try to run a zone look off a turn if there is enough time to set a zone.

1120 Endzone work. Two iterations of iso cutting, get reps. Also introduce the play Hibbert.

1135 Conditioning: Groups of 3, two on one sideline the third on the other. Running legs across the field. 5 times across per person.