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Sprained ankles happen regularly in sports, especially in ultimate when people are throwing their bodies all over the place and sometimes land awkwardly. Here are some good tips and tricks to bounce back quickly from ankle injuries. You will need to make a conscious effort to rest it up in order to get healthy.

Go back to the basics of RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation). obviously don't run around on it. when you get back to your room after walking around campus, lie on the couch for 20 mins and elevate the ankle above your heart (decrease blood flow) with an ice pack on it. doing that 1-3 times a day will work wonders for speeding up the recovery. as needed (and when not drinking heavily) take advil round the clock to keep the swelling down.

here's a very in-depth article on sprained ankle rehab:

read through the whole thing and figure out exactly where you are in the stages and what you need to do to get back to being able to play. regardless of how it feels, you should always put cleats on and jog around the practice before a big tournament, so you know what to expect on the weekend.

in class, you can start "spelling the alphabet" with your foot to increase range of motion. do circles in both directions. little ones and big ones. make sure you do these exercises with BOTH feet, so you don't get your body out of sync/balance. it never hurts to make your other ankle stronger. riding a bike at the gym is a good way to get some power back into your ankle without any of the pressure of running on it. get a theraband and do some of the exercises on the website. front and back. side to side. etc.

let your heels dangle off a of a step and do a toe raises to bring your heel up and down. do both legs together and then one leg a time. do air squats with only one leg to increase ankle stability (again do with both legs to keep even). you can hold weights in your hands to increase difficulty as strength comes back.

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