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Simple Ho Stack Calls

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From: Scott Hampton <slh76@georgetown.edu>
Date: Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 3:11 PM
Subject: [georgetownATeam] Simple Ho-Stack Calls
To: georgetownateam@googlegroups.com

Hey guys I just want to follow something up that I was using during practice today. You may have heard it or not.

Its easy to decide on who's cutting where first right off the pull, but if we're setting up off a turn or stopped disc, it's really helpful to have a quick system that will delegate which cutter will initiate an in-cut or whatever in order to avoid clogging. The best way I've found (yes in High School) is to have two simple code words to indicate "in" and "out," and the cutters can simply decide which they want to do and communicate quickly to the other while still somewhat concealing the call from the other team.
What I came up with today is as follows, but can obviously be changed quite easily

In: Heads (think about "heading in" or getting your "head in")
Out: Tails (stick your "tail out")

So a simple call would be: Me: "I'm Heads, Kerrigan you're Tails." and I could cut in while Kerrigan went deep.

Coaches or other players can easily adapt this system with different (better) words or anything else if they want to, but it helps clear up some confusion off a stopped disc as long as we know what each call means.

Hope this all makes sense. Good work today to everyone.